Providing Professional Hotel Operations and Services

Ledgestone hotels are staffed with knowledgeable General Managers who understand our management culture and have proven their capabilities. We provide them with state-of-the-art hotel management services and financial support systems which continually evaluate and maximize the profitability of each location. Ledgestone implements and carefully monitors meaningful cost controls for our partners. Labor costs are monitored on a weekly basis, energy costs are continually reevaluated, and preventative hotel maintenance programs utilized to protect our partners' investment. An extensive operations manual is provided to give our general managers guidelines and support.

Our turnkey hospitality management company offers:

  • Regular operations reviews
  • Strict cost controls and payables oversight
  • Weekly payroll and revenue analysis
  • Staff service audits and training
  • Formal operations manual
  • Risk Controls
  • Human Resources Management
  • Consulting services
  • Receivership responsibilities
  • Real Estate tax analysis
  • Annual operating budgets
  • Hotel sales and marketing plans 
  • Capital expenditure plans
  • Sales & Marketing Resource Guides and action plans
  • Pre-Opening services/turnkey operations
  • Property Repositioning
  • Owner Communication
  • Complete Accounting Services