The experts at Ledgestone Hospitality know that aggressive sales and marketing efforts provide the greatest catalyst to growing revenue.  Having hotel case-study after case-study, where we have drastically improved top-line performance, we have always made sales & marketing a top priority.  We customize sales & marketing plans for each property to ensure your hotel has a leading position in the market.

We are dedicated to improving each guest touchpoint keeping our existing guests coming back.  We go to great lengths to build effective customer relationships prior to guest arrival, during guests stay and continuing beyond departure. Building customer loyalty is crucial to our hotel sales initiatives and we are always striving to be on the cutting edge of hospitality marketing utilizing proven and innovative ways to result in leading STR and market performance for our managed locations.

We take a return on investment approach to sales & marketing, deploying the most effective marketing solutions for each project.  Whether optimizing paid search or online efforts or marketing to guests who have just purchased airline tickets for your destination, Ledgestone attributes much of its success to our sales and marketing capabilities.  We are well versed in all traditional marketing availabilities (CRS, GDS, Paid Search, GDN, Social Media, Travel Agencies, Consortia, RFP, PMS, eCRM, SEO, SEM, Brand Marketing, etc.).  At Ledgestone, our team of professionals will engage with the community and be a familiar face in our top accounts businesses.   

Ledgestone goes the extra mile for our clients and has even been the recipient of the coveted Adrian award – competing with preeminent national marketing agencies in the process.  Expertise gets us started and passion drives us across the finish line to award-winning results!  Let us help your hotel achieve maximum success.