Receivership Services with Premier Hotel Management Company

Our hotel management team has experience in taking over and managing hotels through both court appointments and lender assignments.

We have the expertise to help financial institutions, lenders and owners stabilize operations, reduce risks and position the property to optimize the asset. Utilizing our management's know-how and our company's flexible structure we are able to take over the management of a property at a moment's notice. We will analyze the property's physical plant, hotel operations and marketing and formulate an effective business plan. This plan of action will be communicated to the financial institution and or the owner on an ongoing basis. Ledgestone Hospitality understands that the financial well being of the property depends on sound operational practices. We will immediately implement disciplined cost controls while increasing revenues quickly and cost effectively. As the appointed receiver, our team is prepared to deal with the many issues that may require services on a case by case basis. Ledgestone's team is available to discuss these needs particular to the property, market, franchise, etc...

Ledgestone Hospitality is a professional hotel management company with the resources required to quickly and efficiently protect your property investment.