Excellent Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry

One of the most important and challenging aspects of hospitality is professional human resource management.  At the end of the day, managing a hotel comes down to managing the "guest expectation." At Ledgestone Hospitality we recognize that our people are what delivers the highest levels of satisfaction desired by our guests. We exceed expectations by attracting, developing, and retaining the best team possible at your property with exceptional human resource management tailored for the hospitality industry. The associates at your hotel are the most important asset and we strive to select the most talented individuals. Our properties operate under Resource Guidelines that provide proper steps for managing hospitality human resources and include:

Implementation of employee training programs

  • Employee Orientations
  • Employee Screening 
  • J-1 Employee Participation and Recruitment
  • Sales Training and Sales Referral Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Resource Hotline
  • New Employee Checklists
  • Step-by-step Training Guidelines
  • Franchise Training
  • AH&LA Educational Institute Training
  • Provide ongoing training to existing staff
  • Compliance with all government regulatory reporting and training requirements

Ledgestone Hospitality, LLC employs the highest caliber candidates by utilizing a proven interview process, appropriate background screening, and future career development training. We have a “tough on standards, kind on people” approach to our staff encouraging strong leadership development.  Ledgestone Hospitality is an equal opportunity employer, and has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in the workplace. Our hotel human resource systems allow for a positive working environment for hospitality professionals.

If you want to deliver the best results, follow the scientific steps for building the best teams:

  1. Earn and Develop Mutual Trust – Great companies know that nothing happens without earning the trust of your employees.
  2. Encourage Constructive Criticism – Everyone participates for a better solution – we all grow with this approach.
  3. Achieve Buy-In by Participation – Teams will implement what they participate in developing.
  4. Gain Accountability by Engaging Teams – The best will police themselves to provide the best experience for our guests.
  5. Produce Results – It’s what we do at Ledgestone Hospitality.